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Who can contribute?

The portal of Breton cultures' network

The portal of Breton cultures is a gateway to cultural and patrimonial resources, and it relies on an important network of players.

This initiative was taken by the Bretagne region and the project is spearheaded by the association Bretagne Culture Diversité.

Its purpose it to offer better visibility and to improve the valorisation of cultural and patrimonial digital resources.

Part or all of these resources should be directly and outrightly accessible to Internet users.

The contents in question include:

  • photographs and postcards,
  • press archives,
  • learned societies papers,
  • funds provided by academic research,
  • oral heritage archives,
  • audiovisual archives,
  • museum collections,
  • heritage and architectural inventories,
  • iconography, maps, drawings, manuscripts and rare books

Here are just a few examples

Various structures of very different nature contribute to the Portal of Breton cultures, including:

  • the association Dastum (its pronunciation is «dastume», like «enclume») contributes to the gathering of audio and visual digital resources, which include songs, musics, tales, legends, stories and accounts,
  • the inventory department of the Regional Council of Brittany made documents about architectural heritage as well as remarkable pieces of furniture available,
  • Cartolis offers around 65 000 postcards of our region,
  • Tablettes Rennaises, Rennes Métropole's digital library, offers online manuscripts, photographs, iconography, maps and plans,
  • Step by step, Brittany's cinematheque builds the region's audiovisual collective memory,
  • the newspaper Dépêche de Brest, the ancestor of Télégramme, made all the articles published between 1886 and 1944 available.

So who can contribute? You got it: anyone, any association, public or private entity who owns documents related to Brittany's cultural material.

If your documents are not yet scanned or available online, Bretagne Culture Diversité's team can help you find solutions to shine a spotlight on your work.

Numerous structures have already contacted us in order to be a part of this ambitious project.

Do not hesitate to contact us and join the contributors' network!