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Contributing, why?

The reasons to become a contributing member

The portal was born from several assessments:

  1. Firstly, because of numerous cultural and patrimonial scanned resources which lack visibility and accessibility, since they are lost in a digital labyrinth.
  2. Secondly, putting these databases together on a single access point is a relevant solution: it improves their dissemination and shines a spotlight on them.
  3. Finally, the mere fact of creating a search engine is nonetheless not enough to support the promotion and dissemination of the knowledge they represent.

This is the reason why BCD and the contributor's network have to create numerous editorial contents to increase the value of these resources. Built on a solid base of primary documents, the whole of these multimedia editorial contents bring life to the portal.

Becoming a contributor to the portal means:

  • You will increase the visibility of your documents and works.
  • You will generate more traffic on your website.
  • You will contribute to a genuine editorial project in a collaborative way.
  • You will find new partnerships and projects opportunities while promoting exchanges.
  • You will participate in the dynamics of a community dedicated to documentary engineering and digital broadcasting.
  • You will gain a privileged access to national and international digital libraries.