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The Archives de Brest


On the 1st of January 2013, the Dépêche de Brest arose from its ashes, along with the history of pre-war Brest. This massive digitizing project was launched by the Télégramme, the Archives de Brest and Brest library.

Thanks to funding from the Ministry of Culture, the Région Bretagne, the Finistère department, Brest, Brest métropole Océane and the Télégramme, nearly 120 000 pages were scanned during 5 months, then posted on La Dépêche de Brest's website.

For the first time since 1986, all the texts, and also old collections, are available online to everyone, at anytime, through a simple term, name or place research. It is also possible to zoom in on facsimiles for more reading comfort.

Rennes Métropole library


Rennes Métropole library offers « Les Tablettes Rennaises », an online digitized heritage portal.

Thanks to it, you can browse through Rennes library's digitized database. From Middle Ages manuscripts to 19th century newspapers through early printed books, over 4 500 texts and images were made available online.


CARTOLIS.jpgCartolis is the online database which features the collections of the Cartopole located in Baud (Morbihan). This municipal museum specializes in postcards from 1900 until now. All the links and document sheets relate to 70 000 postcards, and more specifically to historic Brittany during the Belle Époque, are available on the portal of Breton cultures.

Centre de recherche bretonne et celtique

CRBC.pngThe Breton and Celtic research center (CRBC, EA 4451 / UMS 3554) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory composed of 46 members (from antiquity to contemporary historians ; Celtic and Anglo-Saxon linguists ; ethnologists ; sociologists ; mainly literary professionals) who dedicate themselves to topics and research fields concerning Breton and Celtic cultural areas. But for comparison purposes, they also conduct individual or collective research works in other fields, on the –particularly Atlantic-- European level and beyond. BCRC was founded in 1969 by Yves Le Gallo in Brest, home of the documentation center.

Cinémathèque de Bretagne


The cinemathèque de Bretagne is the association (under the law of 1901) which is conducting a public service mission since 1986, allowing the safeguarding and dissemination of Brittany's audiovisual heritage. This mission is not carried out for commercial purposes, but in the name of regional culture sharing.

The cinemathèque de Bretagne's film collection « Mémoire du Travail » is available on the portal of Breton cultures.



Dastum (« to collect » in Breton) is an association (under the law of 1901) dedicated to the collection, safeguarding and dissemination of the intangible cultural heritage of Brittany, and most notably of songs, music, dance, tales and traditional knowledge. Thanks to them, 8 000 hours of audio footage, 40 000 still images, 3 000 posters (fest-noz, concerts...) are available online. Dastum is open to the public in Rennes, and within a network spread throughout Brittany. Publication (reference books and music albums), research, facilitation and training  increases the value of Dastum's archives. Dastum is also the publisher of the quarterly magazine Musique Bretonne.

Dastum's catalog of Brittany Oral Heritage is available on the portal of Breton cultures.

INA Atlantique


INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) Atlantique published a fresco called « L'Ouest en Mémoire, jalons pour l'histoire du temps présent » (« Memories from the West, milestones in modern history »). The selected sequences relate to regional events which played a major role in political, economic and social life, as well as other events hidden in collective memory, whether happy ones (village celebrations) or sad ones (the fire which destroyed the parliament of Brittany or Nantes Cathedral). These memories relate to Catholicism, but also to a people who won't be trifled with.

The films from the collection are available on the portal of Breton cultures.

Kreizenn Dafar Sevenadurel Keltiek


Through its two offices (in Saint Herblain and Vannes), this associative structure offers documentary resources which focus on Brittany, Breton language and Celtic countries, and also on the many and varied aspects of cultural heritage : literary production and publication, ethnology, history, economic and social life... Modern Breton books are systematically purchased for the collection, and Breton literature written in French as well as in Celtic languages account for a significant proportion of the documentary resources.

KDSK will showcase their posters and other communication medias on the portal of Breton cultures, as well as rare or fragile public domain works, which are currently being digitized. Like so, these documents (catechism, grammar, dictionaries, language methods, theater, studies, essays...) which were published between 1644 and 1941 will be made available to all.

Nearly 17 000 documents, among which over 400 magazines dedicated to Brittany or Celtic countries, will be made available to the public.

Région Bretagne


Gertrude is the portal of Brittany's heritage and the database of the inventory department of the Regional Council of Brittany.

Gertrude's document  sheets, which relate to remarkable heritage elements (architecture and furniture) are available on the portal of Breton cultures.

Rennes 2 University


Since May 2010, the digital library of Rennes 2 University's documentation department made available to everyone all of their digitized resources, which consist of three thematic collections relating to heritage : collection Bretagne, collection Other Celtic countries, collection Anjela Duval. Various means of consultation are possible, either by doing a search on a specific document or just on the website. Click here to access the digital library :