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The project

What's Bretania?

You'll find a detailed presentation of Bretania by clicking this link : Bretania, the project.

The nature of the editorial content?

Bretania is enriched with articles, thematic files, videos and multimedia content. You'll find a presentation of these contents by clicking this link Discover Brittany.

Who are the contributors?

Any person, public or private entity who possesses digital documents related to Brittany's cultural material can contribute to Bretania. You'll find a detailed presentation of the contribution by clicking this link : Contribute.

How to become a contributor?

You can contribute in several ways, which you'll find out about by clicking this link : How to contribute?


How to search?

Click this link (How to make a search ?) to find out more about Bretania's powerful search engine.

How are the details sheet displayed?

Each document may include the following information:

  • document title,
  • document type,
  • its access mode on the contributor's side,
  • its or their authors,
  • its editor,
  • its creation date or creation period,
  • a physical description,
  • a summary,
  • a list of subjects,
  • a representative thumbnail

What types of documents are available?

The various contents flagged by Bretania are of very different natures. These include:

  • photographs and postcards,
  • press archives,
  • learned societies papers,
  • funds provided by academic research,
  • oral heritage archives,
  • audiovisual archives,
  • museum collections,
  • heritage and architectural inventories,
  • iconography, maps, drawings, manuscripts and rare books

Thematic dossiers

What are the topics covered by our thematic dossiers?

We publish online thematic dossiers all year long. Our articles are written by experts on numerous topics: history, geography, Brittany's languages, ethnology, literature, intangible heritage, religion, nature...

Who are the authors of the thematic dossiers?

The authors are qualified people (academics, well known cultural players from Brittany).

Is it possible to react on the dossier's content?

In order to react on a dossier's content, you can use the contact form, specify the title of the paper and ask your question.

Can I write a thematic dossier?

You can indeed write a thematic dossier for us, do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can talk about the different modalities.

Personal account

What's the use of a personal account?

Thanks to your personal account, you'll be able to: Follow the link (How to create your personal account) for a detailed guide on how to use your personal account.

Rights of use and reproduction

What are the constraints of use and reproduction of the contents?

Refer to the General Terms and Conditions (G.T.C.) to understand the terms and conditions of use of Bretania.