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Discover Britanny

In this part of the portal, you'll discover and get to understand Brittany through numerous thematic dossiers, articles and videos. Let us take you through:

Thematic dossiers

We publish online thematic dossiers all year long. Our articles are written by experts on numerous topics: history, geography, Brittany's languages, ethnology, literature, intangible heritage, religion, nature...

Browse through the list of thematic dossiers (link) to get to know, learn about and love Brittany.


You'll find the most significant dates of Brittany's history on our interactive timeline. Her, you'll be able to browse and travel through our region's milestones.

Interactive map

Discover remarkable places in Brittany through our interactive map.

Webseries « Breton clichés »

« Breton clichés » is a webseries of twelve episodes, which last 2 minutes each, and which aim is to answer questions one may have about Brittany, while transgressing received ideas on Brittany with humor: is Nantes in Brittany? Is the Gwenn ha du a traditional flag?...

This program is the first co-production between BCD/Sevenadurioù and LB Krouiñ. These two players have combined their respective know-how to offer a webseries with an innovative concept!

The first twelve episodes of the webseries will be broadcasted on Bretagne Culture Diversité / Sevenadurioù's website: and on Bretania. They're available in French, and they will be translated into Breton in the course of 2014.