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Espace perso

How to create user account?

Through your private online area, you will be able to interact with the Portal, and most particularly to save lists of documents or searches, but also to subscribe to customized alerts.

1. Creating your account

To create your account, click on « Connection » then on « Register »:


Fill in the required fields in the form then click on « Send »:


Upon successfull registration, the message below will display :


2. Connection

Once you have registered, log in to your account by clicking on « Connection ».


Type in your username and password, then click on « Ok ».

A welcome message will display and the « Connection » button will be replaced by « MY ACCOUNT ».


3. Consulting your account

Click on « My account » to consult or change your account settings.


  • The « Activity » menu displays a summary of your past activities.
  • The « Profile » menu allows you to view your account information.
  • The « Contributions » menu allows you to view your contributions (subject to the capacity of the Portal).
  • The « Subscriptions » menu allows you to consult your current subscriptions.

4. My cart

Your cart allows you to bookmark the documents (detailed sheets) of interest to you, which you may organize into folders, to find them more easily in the future.

The empty cart will display as below:mon_panier_vide.PNG

To add a folder, enter a name in the text box and click on « ok »:


The list of created folders will appear in the « View all » menu :


5. Adding or removing documents formthe cart

If you stumble upon interesting documents that you would like to view later, just add them to the cart by clicking on « Add to cart ».


You can store documents in the appropriate folder through the « My cart » menu in your private online area.


You will easily find your documents, by browsing through the cart's folders:


To remove a document from the cart, just click on the « X » next to the folder name, or on « Remove from cart » (if possible).

You can completely empty the cart by clicking on « Empty cart ». You will be asked to confirm erasure.

6. The selection

You may select documents by clicking in the checkbox in the higher right corner of each detailed sheet.


A button allows you to add all the documents to the cart.

7. My subscriptions

When performing a search, you will see an « Envelope » appear on the right of the search bar:


Just click on the button to receive a newsletter relating to your search topic. You will have to enter a name for your newsletter in the textbox, as below:


You will be able to find this specific search through « My subscriptions », in your private online area:


Through this form, you can:

  • Adjust your newsletter frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Unsubscribe by clicking on « Unsubscribe »me_desabonner.PNG

As soon as new items matching your search will be uploaded on the portal, a newsletter will be sent to the e-mail address provided when you created your account.